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Restaurant owners, you know that your name suffers when you can't serve the customer at the quality you are known for. When you need quick, reliable equipment repair call service King!

Service King is committed to providing efficient repairs on ALL types of commercial kitchen and HVAC equipment without trying to sell you parts you don't need! Service King is confident you will love their service, and is willing to give your first service call for free!*

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One thing no one wants this time of year is for their heating or cooling system to give out. The Service King can easily check your system and give it a tune up but we wont make you think you need one without you actually needing it. You might be pumping out your own heat of your house or letting your heater fill your house with carbon monoxide. After we check your system and service it if necessary you can be confident that your system is safe and efficient. Of course if your heat or A/C breaks down unexpectedly we can do emergency calls any time of the day, however we can do preventive maintenance to prolong problems. We will always attempt to repair equipment before we decide it needs replaced.


We do more than heating and cooling. If you have outlets, switches, lights, or other electric systems that aren't functioning they aren't only a hassle, they can also be hazardous. Flickering lights are a sign of electrical overload which over time will start a fire. A simple upgrade, which generally will be cheap and fast, to a circuit can prevent an overload.


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